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"May God guide me for each step I take. I promise I will remain humble the whole way."


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shelbaaee: Race with me to the top, b! Fuck erryone else! Aha.

Already here. Where they been at?!

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Anonymous: he tells me i should be the last person to ever get mad at him because he's always there for me & trying to comfort me. true. he tells me that just because he doesn't talk to me/ text me, it doesn't mean he's leaving me. true. he also said he can't always help me. also true. but after he told me that & hung up, he was gone. he never called me again that week. i didn't even contact him cause i knew he had finals. after, no calls. i called... but he never got back to me. why?

Well in matter of fact. Lets look at it this way. If you guys are in a relationship. That last person shit is bullshit. A matter of fact he should be the first person. If you means as much he means to you then that should be for obvious reasons. Whether you are mad, happy, pissed off, sad , etc for whatever reason, he should be the first person you should call right? Since who else you going to call? Your bestfriend? Remind you again that this is you TWO relationship and no one else. Ain’t no other mother fucker got to know. After all, thats what people do in relationships. Once you sign up for that type of stuff you guys signed like a best friend form. Hope what i tell you now makes you realize a little bit more. The rest, i believe you are smart enough to figure out for yourself. 1000x

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Anonymous: I thought it said fuck you everyday -__-

we could do that too

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Anonymous: I have guy best friend issues. Hes being a total asshole he made me cry more then once. I dont know what to do about it. He apologises but I dont know if hes being sincere about his apology. What should I do?

Apologies and verbal can get someone so far. At the end of the day it matters on what someone is capable of doing. Its as if the friendship was a job opening. He may pass and bull shit through the interview like a breeze but when it comes down to it, when you check out the performance of their job and they totally suck at it, whats the point? They can get fired immediately. What i’m trying to say in my analogy is Actions > words. Find someone else to fill in the “position” 1000x

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iamonlyjanus: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? You keep leaving!

yeah. fuck tumblr. almost done with this shit.