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"May God guide me for each step I take. I promise I will remain humble the whole way."


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When ugly girls post up cute conversations of their relationship and you’re sitting there thinking which category you belong in..

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Anonymous: How would I tell/show him that he needs me? He does understand that I am fine by myself. I even told him that due to school/wrk I won't be focused in a relationship so is he. BUT I dnt get how he said 2 me that he radder claims me as his bestfriend then a girlfriend. Even tho idk him like that. We haven't talked ever since last week, but I see how on IG he puts up pics. So idk if he 4got about me or he just lost interest...

First off.. I got your message once.. Don’t hit me up for a 2nd repetitive message.. I have a life too, my shit doesn’t revolve around helping you. I’m mean, sorry. But what you’re doing to me is what you’re doing to him. Why are you on me like that? Therefore, why are you on him like that? Stop being clingy first. I can already tell that about you. Thats why you can’t be independent like i said you should. In order to let him know that he doesn’t “need” you, all you have to do is simply worry about your damn self and become independent. Stop liking his shit. Also, why are you so concern of him liking your shit? Does he even have to like your shit on IG? Is that a damn rule? Stop checking up on him. You’re scared of him forgetting about you, but frankly i bet that he wants to forget about you. You’re like that little annoying kid no one wants around. As far as you’re concern, he doesnt exist. Thats how you show him that he doesn’t need you. Cause i can tell that if you keep this up being clingy and worry about shit, making your problem, my problem as well, you’re going to scare everyone away. You’re acting like a kid in a relationship. Like a middle schooler. Grow up. And thats not me being mean, thats me giving the truth. Please don’t hate me. But if i put this nicely, i’m worried you wont be able to get it through you’re head.

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Anonymous: I've been having bad dreams lately about my boyfriend cheating on me and us splitting up. What do you think it means? We haven't been fighting. But I am pretty insecure about me not being good enough or just enough for him. He says I am though. But the dreams have been going on for days now. Idk what to think.

I give out advices.. I don’t ready minds.. let alone know what dreams mean. We just have dreams as human. I had a dream that i fucked Scarlet Johansen and Selena Gomez at the same time, but don’t mean it’s going to happen. But i heard that usually dreams depend on your emotions and whats usually on your mind. It just creates a image in your head as you sleep. Therefore maybe you just answered your question. Maybe you’re believing that your insecure therefore you think bad events may happen. Try thinking positive as i suggest. Maybe shit will change.

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Anonymous: so my friend has thought this guy was cute for the last year in a half and I just recently met him and I never thought he was cute but I literally fell in love with his personality. we were flirting a lot at a party and we were texting after and she got really upset and said I was all over him and usually I would if it was a guy that my friend would want to get at but its just it doesnt seem fair when she has tried to get at guys I have tried to as well before, ugh what should i do

This happens a lot. Friends who like the same person, usually is the reason behind the divorce of that friendship if you know what i mean. But they actually make t.v shows out of this event all the time if you ever watch disney. The end result is none of them dates the dude which is actually a very good lesson. But if you like him that much then you should think about it. Is you’re friendship more important than the guy or is the guy more important than your friendship? Base your decisions off that.

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Anonymous: My boyfriend and i have been together for almost 3 months. He told me he doesnt know how he feels about me anymore after our first fight. I think i deserve better so i want to break up with him but i dont want to lose him. Do you think he would consider being friends with benefits if we broke up?

If you think you can do better then definitely go for it. I’m the same way. Thats the reason behind most of break ups. I always feel like i need more out of a relationship and you can’t tell me that doesnt exist because i had it before. When you meet someone that makes you feel like you have everything, then i know personally that shes the one. But if you decide to go FWB with an ex, sorry honey but you got a ho mindset.

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Anonymous: Going through your blog makes me feel like If I'm in a psychology office with all these questions lml so cool.

LOL making this a fucking ask shirley column, in that matter, “ask danny” haha better start asking me for shit with a “dear danny,” in the beginning

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Anonymous: So there's this guy and he's my friend and he's a really cool guy . But idk if I should tell him or even how

It’s always hard to come out with the full blown truth, so instead of doing so, you should drop little small hints. Comment on him in that matter. When he says you look pretty or he does something, be like “awee you cute you cute”. Stuff like that And see where that goes.

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